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You know what the best grill meat is?

I’m sure on more than one occasion you’ve wondered which is the best grilled meat. Although the meats cooked in this way are delicious and a pleasure for our palate, not all are equally delicious, tasty and juicy. If you have been commissioned to buy it, make a note.

Types of grill meat


Beef is the real protagonist of the grills for its juiciness, its intensity of flavor and the versatility of cuts. The most popular is the churrasco part, also known as the rib strip. However, steak, steak, steak, sirloin and entrails also tend to work very well.


Pork is a good choice for grilling. It is economical, roasts quickly and there are a variety of cuts to choose from that are delicious: bacon, ribs, chistorra, chorizo or secret. If you want the best result, avoid less lean pieces, such as sirloin or loin, because they are less juicy.


Chicken is another of the best meats left, as it is cooked quickly, tender and more digestible than the previous ones. It is the healthiest option for those who are careful with their diet, for example. Except for the breast, which is usually quite dry, you can do any part. But with the thighs, the thighs, the thighs and the wings, you’ll get it right.


If you are more of a lamb, we recommend you to choose the chops, either from the cut of the leg or the ribs. They are the fattest parts and that will guarantee that they are very tasty.

Conclusion: You’re not going to be wrong!

You don’t have to wonder what the best meat for a grill is anymore. Just choose it and buy the right amount. If you opt for bone-in cuts, buy about 500 grams per person; boneless, about 300 grams. Don’t skimp on quantity; there is always someone who repeats.